Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunday 5/18/2014

Our first full day in Roatan!

Started off the day with a wonderful breakfast and then went to the RIMS lab for another lecture on Reef Fish Identification.  Up next was the check out dive.  This was an opportunity for the divers to check their buoyancy in the salt water with weight and for the divemasters to check general dive skills.  Then they were free to check out the dive site a little.

The seas were a bit rough that morning so a few of us gave the fish a second breakfast...but we all made it back to the dock and generally felt better after lunch in time for the afternoon dive.

Rob Hodes and Johanna Hripto during the check out dive (Photo: Sarah Pedrick)

Jake Hoates and Ashlynn Beaker (Photo: Sarah Pedrick)
Sarah Pedrick completed her 100th dive!! (Photo: Rob Hodes)
We headed back out, after another lecture, to a different location for the afternoon dive.  The snorkelers split from the group and went to a calmer site.

After dinner we had a lecture on dolphins as preparation for our swim with the dolphins Monday morning (which everyone was looking forward to)!

Check back for updates about Monday (dolphins!) and Tuesday!

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