Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday 5/19/2014

Started off the day with the dolphins!

For the first half hour we had an encounter session in small groups with an individual trainer and dolphin.  The trainer gave us an overview of the animal, explaining the use of each type of fin, how they produce sound from their blowhole, and some social behaviors, among other topics.  For most of the topics, the dolphin got to demonstrate by doing actions like swimming at a high speed, opening its mouth, making sounds, performing jumps, letting us feel their fins and pet her sides and belly.

We each got a picture taken with our group's dolphin, either giving it a hug or a kiss and they turned out great!

Photo: Sarah Pedrick

One of the dolphins showing off his skills! (Photo: Sarah Pedrick)

Photo: Sarah Pedrick

The second half of the session we got to snorkel around the main area with 15 of their dolphins!

Riley Zimmerman saying hi to a friend! (Photo: Sarah Pedrick)
Photo: Sarah Pedrick

Wes checking out some dolphins! (Photo: Sarah Pedrick)

Another dive followed in the afternoon. The next big event, though, was the night snorkel that evening.  We went over to Bailey's Key and snorkeled in the shallow coastal waters.  A lot of people we scared because of the possibility of there being jellyfish but everyone made it out alive and we saw some pretty neat stuff.  Octopi, different species of sea cucumbers, squirrelfish (active at night), spiny lobster, some hermit crabs on the beach are only some of the organisms. 

Check back for more updates and pictures!

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