Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello from Roatan!

We have finally made a connection!

Sorry for the delay - we ran into some internet and access problems but it looks like we are up and running now! So, here is an update of our past few days:

We ran into a snag with our first flight being delayed, but the airline got the connecting to flight to be held in Atlanta and the attendants let us off the plane first.  Needless to say we arrived safely and hit the water Saturday afternoon for our first snorkel!

Photo: Riley Zimmerman

We snorkeled right off the key and saw some pretty cool stuff: spiny lobster, long spine urchin, barracuda, merman's shaving brush algae, and more!

Photo: Riley Zimmerman

The rest of Saturday was time for us to get settled and check out the rest of the resort.  We finished our long day of travel with a introductory lecture by Jennifer, a working marine biologist at RIMS, who is one of our divemasters on the boat.

More to come from Roatan!

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